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Book of Judges (Shofetim)

The Pentateuch is the First 5 Books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Who Wrote the Four Gospels of the New Testament? An Introduction to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John., in the following sections:

Is the Christian God Evil? Evidence from Scripture and Nature, in the following sections:

Christian Mythology: Adam and Eve, and the Serpent, in the Garden of Eden, in the following sections:

The Formation and Creation of the Bible's New Testament

A Critical Look at John Chapter 9 (A Rewrite of Mark's Story of the Blind Man), in the following sections:

The Gospel According to Saint John, in the following sections:

Noah, the Ark and the Flood, from the Bible Book of Genesis, in the following sections:

Incest in the Bible: Adam and Eve and Their Children, and Noah and His Family, in the following sections:

The Gospel According to Saint Matthew

Bamidbar / Numbers

Scriptural Debating Style: Christians and Muslims Must be Patient and Courteous

Fundamentalist Judaism and Jewish Terrorism: 4. Scriptural Justifications for Violence and Murder in the Name of Religion

Biblical Christianity Denies Free Will: 1. The Bible Affirms Predeterminism and Denies Free Will

The Gospel According to Saint Mark

Christian Moral Theory and Morality in Action: Biblical Morals and Social Disaster: 5.1. Violence and Murder Endorsed in the Bible

Fundamentalism and Literalism in World Religions: 4.3. Liberals Take Scripture More Seriously

1st Century Christian Ebionites: The Original Christians?: 3. The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel According to Saint Luke

The Top Smitings from the Bible

Proverbs Chapter 6

Contradictions in the Bible: 2.1. Incest is Forbidden, But, is Part of God's Perfect Plan

Lot and the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: In Genesis 18 and 19

The Old Testament Versus the New Testament: Do Christians Still Have to Observe OT Law?

Biblical Dress Codes: God's Laws on Clothes

Women as Possessions and Objects of Beauty in the Bible

Bible-Based Absolute Morals are Impossible Because All Scripture is Interpreted Subjectively

Liberals and Academics Understand Scripture Better Than Believers

Endorsement of Violence and Murder in the Old Testament

Religious Extremism: 4. Extremism in Judaism

When Was Jesus Born? What Year, and Which Day?: 1. What Year Was Jesus Born?

2 John - The 2nd Epistle of John
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