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1 Maccabees

By Vexen Crabtree 2012

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"These books are concerned with Jewish history between 175 and 134 BC, and the heroic family of the Maccabees, particularly Judas Maccabeus. It describes their struggles against the Syrian king Antiochus Epiphanes, the Hasmonean wars and the line of priest-kings that they established. The first book was translated from a Hebrew work, apparently in about 100 BC. The second book is said to be extracted from a work by Jason of Cyrene, who is otherwise unknown. It covers similar ground to the first, but there are various discrepencies and the first is thought to be more accurate."1

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The Bible (NIV). The NIV is the best translation for accuracy whilst maintaining readability. Multiple authors, a compendium of multiple previously published books. I prefer to take quotes from the NIV but where I quote the Bible en masse I must quote from the KJV because it is not copyrighted, whilst the NIV is. Book Review.

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